Monday, May 25, 2015

Book Carving

Our school was getting rid of some books that were last checked out in the late 70's so before they were all gone I grabbed a few for the art club to carve out.  Each students did about 30 pages at a time to carve their design.  Once it was all completed some painted the insides, others put construction paper on the back.  We glued the edges and inside so they wouldn't move.  Those that had time to create these had them on display in one of the cases at school, heard lots of positive talk from the teachers on this one.  I think next year I will be doing this with old encyclopedias.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Op Art 2nd Grade

Continuing my Op Art for all grades this is the 2nd grade project.
I gave them a grid paper to start, they traced their hands and then colored the background. After the background was colored they colored the inside of their hands the reverse pattern of the checkerboard pattern.

Op Art 6th Grade

These are a few examples of our 6th grade Op Art Project.  The students needed to graph a piece of paper, then put 2 of the same shape in each square, one big, one small.  Then we drew organic shapes on 3 of the sides of the paper. We colored the background first and left the organic shapes white, then we went in and reversed our pattern on the inside of the organic shapes.  This was a lot more challenging for them than I originally thought.  The biggest problem I came across is craftsmanship, I feel the students got overwhelmed on all of the shapes, but the ones that did it right turned out great.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Op Art 2nd grade

All of the classes are doing an Op Art Project, this is examples from the 2nd grade