Friday, February 27, 2015

Picasso Playing Cards

I borrowed this project from GMGART.  We started with looking at Picasso's work and discussing how he drew.  I had all the face cards printed out for the students to observe them as well. They started with a practice sheet and drew out 3 examples of Picasso style card characters.  When they found their best one they then drew that out on 12x18 paper and we colored them with oil pastels.

Positive & Negative

Here was an easy 1 day project that filled that time I needed in order to finish one project and before I started the next.  I had students trace each others profiles on a 9x12 paper, cut out their profile and then trace it again on the other side of the paper.  They cut that out as well and then glued all parts to a large 12x18 paper.  Again this was a great 1 day project to teach positive and negative.

cardboard scluptures

Here are a few sculptures created by the 3rd grade.  It took one day to assemble them and 2 days to paint.