Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Leaves

2nd graders have been hard at work creating these leave pictures. 

Day of the Dead Two Way

I have wanted to do a two way picture for sometime now but couldn't think of a great idea.  Then came October and Day of the Dead is upon us.  For this work we discussed day of the dead and also how to decorate a sugar skull.  Each student had to complete 2 skulls, one in black and white, another in color with one background color.  We used 9x12 paper to draw out the skulls, when they were completed we used 12x18 paper and folded it into 3 in increments, according style.  Then we cut our skulls into 3 inches each and attached them to the white 12x18 paper and then finally taped them onto construction paper.  It was a great project that the students got really involved in, it was great watching them walk back and forth to see each skull.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


After 3 weeks of painting with over 500 students the Mural is finished.  Each class had the opportunity to come out and use their hands to paint.  And a little Keith Haring art history snuck in as well.   It has really brightened up the Elementary playground.