Sunday, May 25, 2014

The End Part 2

Here are some more of my last semesters work with students that I did not keep up with on a regular basis.

7th Grade Chuck Close

1st grade Pete the Cat.  
I had no idea that this little cat was so popular with 1st grade. 

7th Grade Plaster Masks.  
They all took them home before I got a chance to get good pictures of them completed. 

Ceiling Tiles

My 8th grader art club just finished up the final ceiling tiles for this year.  It may of taken them a whole year but the ceiling is looking great!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The End Part 1

As the School year comes to an end it gets pretty crazy and time passes way to fast.   So for the next few post these are some projects that my students have been working on and finishing up.  More to be posted soon!!

5th Grade Keith Haring 3D cubes

4th Grade Abstract Name 

2nd Grade
 Boom Fish based off of artist Romero Britto