Sunday, April 27, 2014


My 8th grade art club just finished up their stencil project, here are some results.


Here are a few line/design landscapes created by 6th grade.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


First graders made these bunnies today.

Art History Bottles

This is a new project that I attempted this year thanks to THIS blog.  I am wanting to introduce art history to the students without making it boring.  I began with giving them a list of about 20 artist for them to choose from to decide their own artist to research.  They needed to choose an artist, fine their date of birth/death-what their artistic style was-5 fun facts-and their most expensive piece sold.  They choose their favorite painting from the artist and painted them on the bottles.
Before they painted I had asked my school to bring in bottles and they did a great job.  I soaked the bottles over night and had the students help me peel off the labels, and then we used house paint and painted the bottles white.  I have about 75 students so it took a couple days just getting the labels off it was just an easy thing to keep them busy while finishing another project.
The only thing I can think of doing different is not including Keith Haring, once the students saw his work they were all jumping on doing his, I just think it was a little too easy for them.  Also I think in the future this will not be my first painting project with the students!
Over all this was a great and fun project and the students really looked forward to taking these home.