Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shel Silverstein

The 4th graders are starting their lesson on Illustration and what it takes to be an illustrator.  The first project is to illustrate a Shel Silverstein poem.  I gave them a choice of 4 so each table had to decide which one to work with.  This is a great step in the illustration lesson they will be working on later in the year.


This was a 6th grade project we just finished up.  The students were able to draw anything that they chose.  Once they have drawn the picture I had them come up with a Haiku that would go with the drawing.  I thought it was an easy way to do cross curriculum with the teachers to include writing into art.


This is another Pintrest find.  The 2nd graders took two days to do this project.  We first started off with drawing the Tiger with a sharpie, then coloring in the stripes, coloring the tiger and then the background.  They had to use two colors on the background and mix them.  The next day we used tissue paper to cut out triangles and glue around the edges to create a kind of jungle theme.  One of the students added a crown because it was the "Queen" of the Jungle.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Color Streak

This is a project is good project for the 7th graders to demonstrate their skill with shading and a color scale.  7th Graders looked through magazines to find an image they would like to draw.  Once they selected the image they drew it out and put a line through the picture.  Everything that is inside the line was colored with color pencils and everything else was done with pencil.   This is only our third project of the year and the students are doing very well.

The Scream

This project the 2nd Graders have been working on pretty hard.  We talked about the painting The Scream by Edvard Munch and then we did a quick demon on how their faces would look and the background.  I also included a picture of how big these were, I like to do one project a year with the 2nd grade on this large paper, this years its The Scream.

Mondrian Turtles

Since the 1st graders saw the Mondrian's that the 3rd graders worked on they were interested in working on a picture like theirs.  Luckily I saw that someone on Artsonia posted animal Mondrian's so thats where this idea came from.