Friday, November 30, 2012

Plaster Masks

The 7th grade masks are finally done and they look great.  The students got to decorate them in any way they choose, if you look closely you will see some power rangers, batman, two-face, and terminator.  Very creative class this year.

Chihuly Macchias

It seems as of late when I check others art blogs that Chihuly seems to be a popular project, so I decided to go along with it.  The students really liked working on this project we watched a video of people making glass first Here and that got them interested in Chihuly.  We then looked at his examples to get ideas for our own Macchias and I also talked about installations with them as well.   I had the students color coffee filters and color them with markers, then I placed them over a plastic cup and sprayed them with starch, waited for them to dry and then hot glued them on a large sheet of paper.
Now our Instillation is installed in the 2nd grade hallway.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The Art Club has finished up their stencils they have been working on.  They were pretty excited as was I when they finished them.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


The art club is about to finish up their stencils and the 7th graders have just finished getting everyones face plastered, soon they will be painted and the stencils photographed.  They are coming.....

Fall Time

This is a project that Im hearing a lot of positive reviews from the 5th graders.  For the lesson I introduced them to Colored Chalk Pastels and gave a quick demo on how to use them.  We talked about fall time and what perspective was and the students were then given time to get the hills, and background done with the Pastels, which was messy and they enjoyed that.  The next class period we talked about Vincent van Gogh and about how his paintings had movement in them.  Then we got out Oil Pastels and on top of the chalk we drew out movement lines.  We then went over perspective again and talked about how trees would get smaller the further away they are from the foreground.  This was a great project to get the students introduced to Chalk Pastels.
This is a project I found on another teachers blog that I thought would be a great lesson (once I remember where I found it I will give out the credit)


This is a project I did with the 6th grade class.  We talked about sunsets, and silhouettes.  I did a quick demonstration on how to properly use Chalk Pastels and also showed them how quickly black can destroy a good drawing, I really stressed how we only use black at the end and to be careful where they put their hands once they have touched black.  I also passed out pictures with sunsets on them to give them some reference.   The students really seemed to enjoy getting a little messy in the art room this day.


Elmer the Elephant is a book by David McKee that I read to my 1st graders every year.  Its a great book for that age group, after we read it we practice making elephants and then we get out the large paper and create the Elmer's Day Parade which you will know about once you read the book.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day of the Dead Cubes

Another Day of the Dead project I did with the 6th graders.  With this project we worked with symmetry on small skulls and I had the students draw out the skulls on a cube template and then had them outline them with sharpie and color them with color pencils and finally cut them out to create the cubes.  Each side Skull had to be symmetrical and also could not be repeated. THe background also had to be colored as well.  This took about 2 full class periods and the students really enjoyed it when they were completed.

Dead of the Dead Lego Heads

This is one of the projects that I did for Day of The Dead.  This one was with the 4th graders.  We talked about the Holiday that is celebrated and instead of decorating skulls I changed it up a little and went with Lego Heads so that it was something fun and relatable.

Coming soon...

Art Club is working on stencils and soon we will be spray painting here are a few sneak peaks.

Also 7th Graders are beginning Plaster Masks!  It will be a while to get these posted because of the time it takes but they are getting started!