Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Festival

For the Fall Festival this year I was kind of tired of painting faces like I have done for the last several years.  So this year I took canvases and placed tacks in the back of them, built this paint protector out of cardboard and paper and then filled balloons with paint and had kids pop them on the canvas to created a Jackson Pollock themed painting.  We went through about 200 balloons on 2 canvases.  It was a lot of fun and they turned out great! 

Charcoal 8th Graders

The 8th Grade art club have just about finished up their charcoal artworks.  I will have a few more coming very soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

4th Grade Hands

This project I found on Pinterest and thought it would be interesting to try out with the 4th grade class.  After it was all said and done I think that the Teachers of the students enjoyed this more than the students.   Its a great gift to teachers to see their students represented for the year that they were in their class.   Highly recommended and super easy.

2nd Grade Birds

I found this idea going around on Pinterest and Artsonia.  Its a great project for the 2nd grade.  We talked about differences in birds and what features they have, then we drew them at the top of the page with sharpies.  Once they were drawn we drew the low horizon line and connected the legs to the ground and talked about overlapping.  This was a great 2 day project.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


The first graders just finished up this scarecrow project.  We talked about horizon lines, and patterns for the 'farmers shirt' and how to draw birds in the distance.  They seemed to really enjoy this 2 day project.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tree of Life

There have been a lot of post lately on the other art blogs about Klimt's Tree of Life.  This is my version.  We started by tracking out the tree with pencil and made simple shapes with a white crayon.  Next we painted the background with tempura cakes.  After that had dried we came back with black acrylic paint and painted the tree.

3rd grade Weaving

This is a great project for the 3rd graders.  We get a small plastic cup and cut it 3 times and try to get them evenly spaced.  Then we start weaving with our yarn and go inside the cup and then outside, Let them know its just a easy pattern.  And from there they just continue till they fill the outside of the cup with yarn.  I have done this before with bigger cups and that turned out pretty good too, but it goes a lot easier with the smaller cups.  And if you make a triangle in the middle of the cup you are doing it right.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

5th Grade Giraffes

This is a project that I found on Pintrest and I can't seem to find the artist that I got this inspiration from. If I find it I will post it later.  This was a 5th grade project that they really seemed to enjoy.  We drew out the giraffes with pencils and then traced them with sharpie markers and added our patterns in the giraffes spots.  Then we got out our water color pencils and drew out the background and then added water to blend the colors.  This looked pretty similar to the artist that we based this off of and they are super colorful.

Positive and Negative

This is a project that I enjoy doing with the 1st graders.  We talk about positive and negative space and what each means.  Then we get a small piece of construction paper and draw an organic shape line that starts and stops on the same side of the paper.  Once that is done, we take the piece of paper that the edges are still intact and glue that onto a large sheet of construction paper.  Then we fit the piece we cut out into the negative space like a puzzle piece and put glue on it.  Once it has glue we flip it so that it becomes the positive space.  Its a lot easier than all of that explanation and they turn out great.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


This is the most recent project that the 7th Graders have completed.  One of my 8th Grade art club members was on pintrest and saw a topography idea and decided that they wanted to do it and since it was easy to explain we kept it going with the 7th graders.  The students begin with drawing an organic shape on a large piece of construction paper.  After they have it cut out they re-trace it on another piece and copy the line only a little smaller.  They keep this up until their pieces become small.  Once all the pieces are cut out they start to glue them together and put a small piece of styrofoam in between them to get the height to really show.  A suggestion is to try and place the styrofoam above one another, it will make it easier to press down once it has been built up.  Enjoy