Monday, December 5, 2011

scratch board with 6th Grade

Here is our scratch board project with the 6th grade.  We were working on Day of the Dead Skulls, but with the breaks in Nov we had a hard time getting them done.  Also for some reason this year the 6th graders struggled with working on scratch board. 

To the MOON with 2nd grade

Here was a fun project of drawing the students flying a rocket ship in space.  We went over how to draw a rocket and what it looks like in space. 

Elmer The Elephant 1st grade

For this project I read the book Elmer by David McKee.  I did a demo on how to draw the elephants and then we talked about patterns, and different colors we could add to make them colorful.   The students then drew out their own elephants and colored them being in the Elmer's Day Parade. 

Linoleum Cuts with Art Club

Through a donation of another art teacher we were able to do Linoleum cuts this year with the art club.  These turned out pretty good, the pictures are a little off color bc of the new camera taking these pictures, so sorry about the color.  They look great in person. 

perspective snowman 4th Grade

Here is a project we decided to do with the 4th grade class it was a forced perspective Snowman,  it was colored with crayons and white oil pastels

Illustration with 4th Grade

It seems that everyone loves the Goosebumps Books in 4th Grade so for an illustration project we worked on the Cover for our own Goosebump book!

5th Grade VanGogh Flowers

Finally this project is done!  We have spent most of this semester creating our VanGogh Flowers out of string.  The project was fun, we just used too large of cardboard.  But they look great when done!